Mirror directory

2013-10-27 / 2023-11-26, Kari E. Hurtta

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  • mirror directory (goes back to this page after 30 seconds)
  • Kapsi has closed its FTP service (ftp.kapsi.fi). That closes also ftp.elmme-mailer.org service.

    There is directory http://www.elmme-mailer.org/mirror/ for replacement.

    Mirror http://www.elmme-mailer.org/mirror/ instead of ftp://ftp.elmme-mailer.org/elmme-mailer.org/

    Suggested command is

         lftp -c "mirror --delete http://www.elmme-mailer.org/mirror/ target"

    --delete option causes that lftp deletes files not present at remote site (http://www.elmme-mailer.org/mirror/) from target directory.

    Check manual page of lftp command.

    Kari E. Hurtta <elm@elmme-mailer.org>