ELM 2.4ME+ and ELM ME+ 2.5

The Elm E-Mail Client, Millennium Edition

2023-11-26, Kari E. Hurtta

Elm ME+ - an interactive mail system, Millennium Edition

Modern branch of an old mail user agent
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  • Elm Millennium Edition is based on Elm - Electronic Mail for UNIX. It contains enhanced MIME and character set support.

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  • Public keys

    pubkey.asc           Old PGP 2 key  EA5A2379 1996-04-23
    elm.key.asc          GPG key        A950C80B 2003-03-20     expired: 2013-03-17
    elm.key.2013.asc     GPG key        A54BE3BC 2013-10-20     expired: 2018-10-19
    elm.key.2013old.asc  GPG key        825FDF78 2013-10-26     expired: 2018-10-25
    elm.key.2018.asc     GPG key        44FC796B 2018-12-01     expires: 2028-11-28

    (For checking signatures of RPM packages, you may found RedHat's Importing Custom GPG Keys helpful although there is no packages for RedHat.)

    Description on freecode

    Elm Millennium Edition is a text-based mail client. There are two branches: Elm 2.4ME+, which is based on Elm 2.4, and Elm ME+ 2.5, which also incorporates some code from Elm 2.5. Elm Millennium Edition contains enhanced MIME and character set support. A subset of UTF-8 (Unicode) is handled. It can read mail from a local mbox and POP and IMAP folders and can pass mail to the PGP or GPG programs. It can also view digests as a mailbox and reassemble fragmented (message/partial) messages. It includes modules for TLS/SSL, iconv, and SMTP.

    Freecode is no longer being updated. It closed at 2014-06-18.


    Send mail to elmme-announce-on@posti.fmi.fi, if you wish to get announcements of new versions of Elm Millennium Edition via e-mail.



    Seems that anonymous ftp (and ftp.ozone.fmi.fi) will be removed. Then ftp://ftp.ozone.fmi.fi/KEH/ is not available.

    This page (http://www.ozone.fmi.fi/KEH/) probably remain.

    Also ozone.fmi.fi will retire.


    I registered elmme-mailer.org.

    http://elmme-mailer.org/ goes to this page currently.


    Seems that name ftp.ozone.fmi.fi will be moved to ftp.fmi.fi, where is no anonymous FTP access.

    It seems that it takes longer before ozone.fmi.fi is removed, so use ftp://ozone.fmi.fi/KEH/


    It is currently unknown what will be done for ftp.ozone.fmi.fi and www.ozone.fmi.fi.


    Seems that machine (ozone.fmi.fi) with anonymous ftp (and ftp.ozone.fmi.fi) is not removed, but ...

    Seems that machine (ozone2.fmi.fi) which serves www.ozone.fmi.fi will be also removed (on two months?)


    These pages are now on new site hosted by Kapsi Internet-käyttäjät ry.

    There is also anonymous ftp site on ftp.elmme-mailer.org (or ftp.kapsi.fi). That is currently under directory elmme-mailer.org.


    Finnish Meteorological Institute will move in September 2005 to new house. These machines ozone2.fmi.fi (www.ozone.fmi.fi) and ozone.fmi.fi (ftp.ozone.fmi.fi) are most likely not moved...


    Declared that Elm ME+ is "Elm Millenium Edition". Courtesy Vesa-Matti J Kari.


    Host's ozone.fmi.fi (ftp.ozone.fmi.fi) disks dead at 2005-09-08. Host ozone.fmi.fi no longer exists.

    Name ftp.ozone.fmi.fi exists, but it does not provide anonymous ftp.

            ftp.elmme-mailer.org: directoryelmme-mailer.org/src/elm-2.4ME+/
    instead of
            (ftp.)ozone.fmi.fi: directory KEH/
    for Elm 2.4ME+.
    There is also
            ftp.elmme-mailer.org: directory elmme-mailer.org/src/elm-ME+2.5/
    for ME+ 2.5.

    Host ozone2.fmi.fi (www.ozone.fmi.fi) probably will retire also. Then old page http://www.ozone.fmi.fi/KEH/ is no longer available.


    Host ozone2.fmi.fi (http://www.ozone.fmi.fi/KEH/) will retire on this week.

    Use this site (http://www.elmme-mailer.org/) instead.


    Host ozone2.fmi.fi (http://www.ozone.fmi.fi/KEH/) is turned off yesterday. Fix your links to point to this site.


    Changed spelling of "Millenium" to "Millennium".

    In my English to Finnish dictionary there is a word "millenium". And there is no word "millennium" in the dictionary. But apparently my dictionary is wrong.


    http://www.ozone.fmi.fi/KEH/ is now redirected to this page (http://www.elmme-mailer.org/).


    On some point (perhaps several years ago?) http://www.ozone.fmi.fi/ site is changed -- it seems show some Tomcat default page -- so that redirection of http://www.ozone.fmi.fi/KEH/ no longer exists.


    FTP is not currently available.


    Kapsi has closed its FTP service (ftp.kapsi.fi). That closes also ftp.elmme-mailer.org service.

    Directory http://www.elmme-mailer.org/mirror/ is provided as replacement for http -based mirror source.


    Mirror directory is mirrored by ftp.funet.fi. You can use that for anonymous FTP access.


    Previous GPG key seems to have expired on 2013-03-17 so I made new key (see Public keys on this page).


    There was ELM 2.4ME+ also on http://koti.welho.com/khurtta/, but Welho (now DNA) will close these home pages at 2013-12-31.


    Close date for http://koti.welho.com/khurtta/ is changed. DNA Welho will close home pages at 2014-01-07.


    Added HTML version of README.ME+ -files to ELM 2.4ME+ and ELM ME+ 2.5 -pages. HTML conversion of elm-2.4ME+.README and elm-ME+2.5.README is done with HTML.cgi -script.


    Added Wordpress page https://elmmemailer.wordpress.com/.


    Funet (ftp.funet.fi) removed mirror/ -component from paths on FTP source mirror of elmme-mailer.org so direct links broke.

    Now ELM ME+ 2.5 and ELM 2.4ME+ ftp resources pages are updated.


    Previous GPG keys seems to have expired on 2018-10-19 and 2018-10-25 so I made new key (see Public keys on this page).


    Elm Millennium Edition 2.4 (or Elm 2.4ME+) is based on Elm - Electronic Mail for UNIX.

    Elm Millennium Edition 2.5 (or Elm ME+ 2.5) also incorporates some code from Elm 2.5.

    On the Wikipedia entry there is short description of history of Elm. Note that page also include some misleading or wrong information.

    Article (google) from Syd Weinstein, Elm Coordinator.

    License is The Elm(tm) Mail System General Public License.


    Version Elm 2.4ME+ PL0 (25) is based on version Elm 2.4 PL24 ME8b+.
    Version Elm 2.4 PL24 ME8b+ is based on version Elm 2.4 PL24 ME8b.

    Version Elm 2.4 PL24 ME8b is done by Michael Elkins.

    Version Elm 2.4 PL24 ME8b is based on version Elm 2.4 PL24.
    Version Elm2.4ME+ PLx (25) includes patch of version Elm 2.4 PL25.

    Version Elm ME+ 2.5.x is based on version Elm 2.4ME+ PLx (25)
    and incorporates code from of Elm 2.5.

    Versions Elm 2.4ME+ PLx (25) and Elm ME+ 2.5.x are done by Kari Hurtta.

    Kari E. Hurtta <elm@elmme-mailer.org>